Friday, May 27, 2011

I have gratitude today for...
* getting up at 6am to finish planting the garden with Andy.
* getting some work done this morning even thought most people are off/closed/checked out/not answering phones.
* an easy drive to Avalon---I was there in 2 hours!
* stopping at Joe Canals to stock up on some summer treats. I picked up a case of Bud Light Lime, Twisted Tea and vodka.
* enjoying the beautiful weather and reading on the deck.
* hanging out with the McSparran's for a bit while waiting for everyone else to get down.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Different Kind of Mourning

Most of the time when we think of mourning, we think of the loss of one's life. According to Webster's the definition for mourn is to feel or express grief or sorrow.

When my sister Kelly was little she went to "Karen's house." Karen was a saint of a baby-sitter that ran a small daycare out of her home in HamiIlton, NJ. I would go there too during the summer and when I had off from school because our mom worked full time. I remember late in the afternoon as parents would start to trickle in to pick up their kids, Karen would always have Oprah on the television. We spent most of our days there outside playing in the backyard or at her parents pool. When I think back, it was probably the one hour a day Karen (sort of) had "Karen time". We would always give her a hard time; "Oprah? Why do you always have to watch Oprah?

As I found myself sobbing on the couch, happy that I saved the last three episodes on our DVR to watch all at once, I thought back to Karen and how I ended up being just like her. It was hard for a seven year old to understand The Oprah Winfrey show and how significant an impact it made on millions of people everyday.As I started to grow up I'd watch Oprah with my friend Chrissy during the summer. I know there are people out there that can't stand Oprah (although I really don't know how that would be possible if you knew what kind of person she is, the good that she's done for tens of thousands of people, the awareness she has brought to countless worthy causes, her authenticity and the genuine messages she delivered everyday.)

I was in mourning, and I know that sounds silly. I was feeling a sense of loss. The tears fell down my face because I learned so much from Oprah's shows. I think about all of stories I've seen about everyday people that had something good or bad happen to them and how it changed my perspective or brought awareness. A lot of times the show made me want to be a better person and reminded me we all can make a difference in this world.

In high school and college I'd watch it here and there if I was home (which wasn't all that often at 4pm.) Since DVR came into the picture, I've seen every episode of Oprah. It was an hour of "me" time, whether I was on the elliptical or watching it on the couch. I rarely multi-tasked while I watched; no computer or magazines on my lap. I wanted to take it all in, whatever the message was that day.

During the last 25 episodes or so, everyday they counted down to how many were left. I started to wonder what the last show would be like. Who would be Oprah's guests? Would she do a final surprise giveaway?
How much emotion would she show? I have to say, in the end, her last show was perfect. It was as far away from self-congratulating and ego-centric as you can get. It was pretty much everything I've learned from Oprah summed up into one episode. It made me want to be a better person all over again, and to a greater degree. It made me think "who do I influence and how can I make a difference? How can I bring awareness? What causes do I truly care about?"

I am sad there is no more Oprah at 4pm during the week. I wonder if there will ever be another show with so much power and influence; it will be interesting to see if anyone can come close to what Oprah has accomplished.  

Some of my favorite parts of the show were...

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I have gratitude today for...
* having another productive day at the office after I motivated myself to start making calls. 
* the WaWa Low-Fat French Vanilla Cappuccino Bill bought me this afternoon. 
* talking with Copley on my drive to Doylestown tonight. 
* having another person come out to the Ignite meeting in Doylestown. It was a great presentation and made me excited about the opportunity all over again. 
* talking with Chris, Deirdre's step-mom tonight at the meeting. 
* a late dinner at The Freight House with John & Jocelyn. I'm excited about her interning here this summer, she fits right in!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I have gratitude today for...
* getting a ton of work done at the office today even though I wasn't feeling that great again.
* watching the two part interview with Oprah & James Frey. I thought it was really great. A Million Little Pieces was one of the best books I've ever read. Regardless of the details that were made up instead of them all being his truth, everything he described in the book was realistic and I truly believe it's helped millions of people understand addiction.
* finishing some more of the Project Wedding entries, I can't believe I let it go this long.

5 months to go! 4 months to go!

Wow...I don't even know what to say. How is our big day just 4 months away? I pretty much can't believe it. I completely missed writing a '5 months to go' entry, in the blink of an eye we went from 6 to 5 to 4 months away from September 17th! I keep saying to Andy, "think back to mid-January until now, that's how long we have until we walk down the aisle!" We are so excited!

We continue to check things off the list. I've met with the florist and invitations guy. We met with a priest last week but are continuing the search for an officiant that feel right for us. We've decided on who we will ask to do the readings during our ceremony and that we will host a picnic the day after the wedding at Nashaminy National Park. I like the idea of some additional quality time with family and friends before the weekend ends, especially with those that will be traveling.

The focus of this one day is a little overwhelming (well, actually, a lot). I never thought I'd feel nervous, but I do. And it's not that I'm nervous to marry Andy. It's more like, how often is this much attention on two people? Everyone will be watching every move we make the entire day. I love the thought of all of our family and friends in one place, but how will I be able to spend time with each of them? I don't want the day to fly by, I want to take it all in. Everyone warns me that is impossible---I will try my best to make it my (our) reality.

Yes, these random thoughts never stop. It's like a stream of consciousness about how fast time is flying by, how sometimes I feel like I'm missing the "enjoy the planning" part because there is always so much going on, there is always a long list of "things to do." How you think about your wedding day for so long, there is so much build up, and in the end, it's 24 hours long, just like every other day. How do we make every minute count?

Over the last few weeks Andy has said to me several times how excited he is to marry me, how happy he is that I will be his wife. That means so much. So many guys take the "it's her day, whatever..." attitude and I'm thankful he's been involved and that he seems just as excited about this special day as I am.

4 months away, holy crap!

Monday, May 16, 2011

I have gratitude today for...
* the email I got from Maureen asking questions about the hotels in Philly because she's making plans for her trip in September!
* getting my first commission check that's actually worth getting excited over.
* going to Bed, Bath & Beyond with Andy to work on our registry.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

I have gratitude today for...
* feeling much better today.
* the nice lady at It's All Good on Dune Drive. We talked a little about her shop and I bought a couple of shirts for James.
* the cute hat I found for James that said "BIG BROTHER" at a kids clothing shop on 96th Street.
* all of the tomato, pepper and other assorted veggie plants we bought for this year's garden at roadside stands on the drive home from Avalon.
* a great afternoon at Jeff & Megan's to celebrate James's 2nd Birthday! He was so cute with his Cars birthday cake---he made the biggest mess but had a great time eating tons of cake. He also had fun with his new toys, especially his tricycle. We went back and forth on the deck for quite a while and he only ran over my toes once!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

I have gratitude today for...
* sleeping in. Trying to feel normal again!
* Chris arriving with Molly in tow. We didn't know she was coming and it was a nice surprise.
* dinner at the Sea Grill with Chris, Molly, Mrs. Roth and Andy. Great food, great company.
* going to Sea Isle to visit with Deig and Megan. So excited they will both be at the shore this summer!
* getting the Community DVDs back from the library so we can finish Season 1.

Friday, May 13, 2011

I have gratitude today for...
* being able to take another day to fight whatever it is I have. Slept till noon and feeling a little better but not much.
* deciding to ride down to Avalon with Mrs. Roth. If I'm going to feel like crap I might as well feel like crap and look at the bay.
* We went to Primos for a late lunch and started chatting with a really nice lady that came in after us. Turns out she's from Bucks County and is an Ignite Associate. She tried to introduce me to the business before I told her I'm already an associate. Everywhere I go I meet people that are involved, I've gotta make this happen.
* pizza from Via Mare for dinner.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

I have gratitude today for...
* John's understanding when I called this morning to tell him I wasn't up for coming to the sales meeting. He knew I wasn't feeling well yesterday and told me he'd call Ed for me.
* being able to sleep the entire day. Besides coming down to drink some Gatorade around noon, I didn't get out of bed until after 5pm. I'm not sure exactly what's wrong, but I feel like I've been run over.
* making it to California Pizza Kitchen ok. We had dinner plans with Karin & Chip and since we've rescheduled a couple times, I didn't want to cancel. Not the best decision. I probably shouldn't have been driving considering I almost fainted in front of the restaurant. My guess is low blood sugar since I slept all day and didn't eat anything.
* the nice lady that gave Karin peanut butter crackers for me to eat when I needed sugar outside the restaurant.
* a really nice dinner with Chip & Karin (after Andy got there and after I was able to stand up straight.) I appreciated Andy agreeing to meet them to learn a little more about Ignite. It ended up being a great evening even though I should have cancelled.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I have gratitude today for...
* being able to respond to an email from a chiropractor I know asking for help. One of the families that go to him lost their home in a fire and lost everything. It felt good to offer to help however I can.
* learning about the Forks Over Knives premiere coming to Plymouth Meeting and buying tickets for us to go. Mom & Dad and Lori will be coming too!
* usually being healthy. I've been fighting off this awful cold for days and I feel horrible.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I have gratitude today for...
* the consideration I try to show for other people's time. Sometimes I wish it was recipricated. Some of my clients seem to think my full-time job is catering to their schedules.
* the opportunity to present to a large ad agency today.
* finally spending some time looking for officiants.
* healthy veggie/minestrone soup in the Vita-Mix for dinner.
* watching Nurse Jackie with Andy.

Monday, May 9, 2011

I have gratitude today for...
* another beautiful day. Perfect for delivering magazines!
* lunch at Rocco's.
* finding my phone after I thought I either left it in Rocco's or drove off with it on the roof of my car.
* walking 3 miles with Viki after work.
* meeting with Father McGee. As much as I've been set on having a Catholic priest officiate our wedding I was really turned off tonight. He made comments about gay people, black people and was just overall ignorant. He didn't seem like he cared to learn much about us and it made me realize finding the right person for us is the more important than if he's Catholic or not.
* a great dinner at Carrabba's with Andy.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

I have gratitude today for...
* my wonderful Mom.
* a beautiful Mother's Day brunch at Erini with Mom, Dad, Kelly, Alex & Andy.
* going to Tavolo to check out it as a possible rehearsal dinner venue.
* talking with Grandma this afternoon.
* playing cornhole with Andy and finally beating him!
* getting organized.
* the gorgeous weather today!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

I have gratitude today for...
* getting up early enough for me and Kelly to go to yoga.
* the loaf of Primo's bread we picked up to make sandwiches for lunch.
* eating lunch outside in the beautiful sunshine. I really enjoyed my time with Kelly and realized we need to get together more often!
* catching up on my blog, doing my nails and laying in the grass this afternoon.
* playing cornhole and Scrabble with Andy.
* grilled chicken marsala for dinner.
* finally watching "The Fighter." Excellent movie!

Friday, May 6, 2011

I have gratitude today for...
* a productive day at the office.
* the nice girl at Sephora that helped me pick out some new makeup. I've never been a makeup person and don't know a lot about it but I'm trying to learn.
* Kelly coming to hang out with us tonight.
* fresh strawberry daiquiris in the Vita-Mix!
* watching Steve Carrell's final episode of "The Office."
* chatting with Meggan on Facebook for a bit.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

I have gratitude today for...
* another home show contract coming through today.
* keeping it together when I felt angry about some things in our individual meetings today.
* going to the Cinco de Mayo party at Mayo Seitz even though I felt funny going alone. I made an appearance and that was the right thing to do.
* yum grilled burgers for dinner.
* putting away all of my winter clothes and hanging up spring/summer stuff. I love it when we know warm weather is just around the corner!
* fresh margaritas in the Vita-Mix with Andy for Cinco de Mayo.
* a great night talking with Andy; no computers or staring at the TV. It was good, quality time together.
* Andy's excitement about getting married and our wedding.
* reading through lots of ceremony options.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I have gratitude today for...
* lunch at Nectar with Brian, Bill & John. We had a good laugh over John ordering $80 worth of tuna! Thank God we had gift cards.
* taking the time to make fresh tomato sauce--so much better than jarred!
* finally talking to Rachel, it's been too long!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I have gratitude today for...
* happy hour at Spamps and Great American Pub with John, Brian, Lorin and Bill. I'm lucky to have such fun co-workers!
* Shania Twain on Oprah; "Death reminds us to live more freely." I love that quote.
* talking to Kerry for almost two hours tonight. It's been too long!

Monday, May 2, 2011

I have gratitude today for...
* lunch at Totaro's with John, Ed & Brian.
* Ed's confidence in me and that he's seeing my true potential. It was nice to hear these things from him.
* making plans for brunch at Erini for Mother's Day.
* buying tickets to the Forks Over Knives premiere.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

I have gratitude today for...
* sleeping in this morning, I can't party like I used to!
* lunch at Cactus in Manayunk and walking around the shops on this beautiful day.
* watching Sex & the City 2 even though it was horrible. It was nice to relax this afternoon.
* talking with Mom & Dad tonight.