Sunday, June 30, 2013


I have gratitude today for...
* waking up to so many friends in our house. I love nothing more than having a bunch of friends around. We were all moving a little slow this morning---the margaritas, beers, 3 hours of dancing, and a late night (till 3am) sing-a-long may have had something to do with it!
* Andy's help cleaning up the kitchen and living room---we did a great job destroying the kitchen, but all of the awesome food was worth it!
* having some lazy time on the couch. We watched HGTV for a while and then the Phillies game. I picked up a pizza and wings and we vegged all afternoon. It was well needed after my last 5 days!
* deciding to get out of the house around 6pm. We took a drive around Chester County looking at neighborhoods/developments to get some ideas on where we might want to buy a house. It was fun looking. Having the iPad for, Trulia and Zillow was helpful. 
* dinner at Plaza Azteca. We have so much food leftover from this weekend but I really wanted to put no effort into figuring out dinner. 
* reflecting back on the last few days and how much fun it all was. Last night's show is one I wish I could see and experience all over again. From Tuesday through this morning I have been reminded how much this one band has impacted my life. I have so many friends because of this band, I met Andy because of this band---sometimes it's overwhelming to try and explain to people outside of this DMB family of ours what it's all about. But these last few days reminded me that it doesn't matter if other people think we're crazy to keep seeing DMB over and over. It's about the people, and the music--it's absolutely both. 

Saturday, June 29, 2013


I have gratitude today for...
* eating and drinking water when we got home from the show last night. I felt great this morning when I got up. 
* heading out early with Debbie to Produce Junction. I knew she'd be in awe when we got there. Sometimes it's hard for me to shop there for just Andy & me because we can't use everything up fast enough. For today's BBQ, it was perfect!! We got pineapple, oranges, lemons, potatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, squash, garlic and red, orange and green peppers. Grand total- $45. Crazy! We also went to ACME for some odds and ends, to the liquor store for tequila and triple sec for fresh margaritas, and the bagel place in Bryn Mawr. I enjoyed Debbie's company and the time we had in the car to talk and catch up. 
* all of my helpers in the kitchen when we got back. Everyone pitched in chopping and slicing and peeling, etc. Kevin made an awesome pineapple salsa and I made the bruschetta, guacamole and potato salad. 
* Gregg & Erica doing most of the food shopping for today. It worked out perfectly because I was finished in the kitchen and they were able to do their thing while I made margaritas in the Vita-Mix. Gregg was a huge help in making everything come together for the BBQ today, it was fun working with him and the spread was absolutely amazing. I wish I had a picture! The menu included: grilled shrimp, salsas & guacamole, grilled chicken, sausage & peppers, bruschetta, potato salad, mixed greens salad, cucumber & tomato salad w/feta and grilled veggies. 
* Popejoy bringing a batch of fresh salsa---it was spicy but really good. 
* making the fresh margaritas in the Vita-Mix. I didn't use any mix, just tequila, triple sec, limes, lemons, oranges and some sugar. They came out great and were a big hit!
* finding a little time to sit on the deck to eat some of the yummy food and chatting with Scott, Ron & Kim. The day went by so quickly and I didn't mind I was mostly in the kitchen, but I wanted to feel like I got to spend time with our company as well. 
* a fun time singing in the living room while Popejoy, Ben & Gregg took turns playing the guitar. Nothing makes this girl happier than someone playing the guitar with a bunch of friends singing along. 
* being able to fit everyone between the shuttle van and the town car. Our drivers were great and we arrived in Camden with time to spare. 
* deciding to buy the Sec 104, Row F seats even though we took a chance on them being too far over. They ended up being great seats and it was lots of fun to sit with Gregg & Erica. 
* one of the best shows I've seen in years!! The crowd had so much energy and the set had tons of classics. It was perfect and it was great to hear that everyone enjoyed the show. I didn't stop moving for the entire 3 hours. Good good times!! I'd love to see that show all over again. Hoping another one similar in VA. 
* singing Happy Birthday to Peacher on the way home from Camden. I've never had a birthday show but so many of our DMB friends have. It's always fun to celebrate someone's birthday on a show day. 
* late night quesadillas after the show. We pulled out all the leftovers and everyone dug in. Afterwards Popejoy played a late night set and we all sang along in the living room till 3am. Such good times!

Friday, June 28, 2013


I have gratitude today for...
* waking up so excited for this weekend! I've been waiting for this weekend for months. It felt like Christmas morning and Santa is bringing my friends! 
* getting to the office early and getting a lot done this morning. John picked up pizza and we had lunch in the conference room. 
* finishing up my work day at our house. Craig & Debbie arrived around noon and then the rest of the troops starting arriving shortly after. (Popejoy, Julie, KB & Jenn.) We took two cars down to Camden and sat through crappy traffic but our drive with KB & Jenn was fun anyway. 
* a great time tailgating in the lots even thought it was raining the entire time. We made the best of it---put up some umbrellas, ate our Primos sandwiches and had an awesome time hanging out with everyone. 
* finding Eric & Garrett Haltmeier to give them their tickets and talking with them for a while. It was great to talk music with them and to see how excited Garrett was for the show. I got this text from Eric right before the show started and it made my night. "Thank you SO much for our seats. They are great! And, there seem to be servers here taking food & drink orders! This is awesome for me and Garrett...thank you!"
* Steve finally finding us in the lots just before 8pm. We talked for a few minutes, gave them the tickets and walked into the show together. They were thrilled with the seats and had a great time. I was happy the band played Big Eyed Fish because Steve was hoping to hear that one. They don't play it very often. 
* having the best time sitting with Craig & Debbie. Andy found us great seats in Sec 103, Row G a few days ago and they were perfect. I really enjoyed the show even though I found out later most people didn't. I was so happy they played The Space Between and Granny. Jess & John came down to our seats for a few songs and I had fun dancing with Jess & Christina. 
* going to Steve & Karen's seats for the encore break and #34- as soon as they started Granny I had to get back to our seats but it was fun to see them for a few minutes. They were having a great time. 
* remembering LeRoi's last show 5 years ago today. I wasn't originally supposed to go and made a last minute decision to drive down to Matias & Jen's house to meet up with Popejoy & Andrea. It was a great show and I'm glad I was there. 
* a fun time hanging out for a while after the show with everyone. I decided to go to bed around 2am because I still have so much to do for tomorrow in the morning. 

Thursday, June 27, 2013


I have gratitude today for...
* the earplugs Katie gave me last night. They worked well and I was able to sleep. 
* hitting no traffic on the way home this morning. 
* Baja Fresh for dinner with Andy before we went over to Rachel & Rob's for drinks. I love their salsa bar and all of the different salsas they have available. 
* meeting with Joel at BIRE Financial with Doug. I've been frustrated with my current financial advisor and I'm looking forward to working with someone like Joel. He has some pretty awesome clients including the Philly Phanatic!
* a nice time visiting Rachel & Rob. We finally got to see their awesome new house. It's gorgeous! I especially loved their basement. We had drinks and spent time catching up after we got the tour. I never realized how much I have in common with Rachel. We definitely need to hang out with them more often. So much for an early night, we didn't leave their place until 12:30am! 

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


I have gratitude today for...
* waking up early, showering and getting ready for our day at Jones Beach. Jess & I went to the grocery store, liquor store and deli and then headed to the beach. 
* a nice relaxing day on the beach. It wasn't that sunny but it wasn't too hot either. We had Bloody Mary's and worked on finding some ticket trades for this weekend. Eventually Julie, Mitch & Russ joined us. I didn't remember how nice Jones Beach is---we love it there and want to go next year!
* fun times in the lot before the show. It started raining about an hour before so we listened to music in the car for a while. It's been fun meeting so many new people over the last couple of days. 
* great seats for tonight thanks to Scott Brown. We were in Sec A Row S and we were near some fun people. The highlights for me were Tripping Billies, Jane, BOWA and Two Step!
* the good laugh we had with Mitch when we realized after 20 minutes of driving that we were going in the wrong direction. We were with the guy who lives there and got home a half hour after everyone else!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


I have gratitude today for...
* Primos for lunch. I'm obsessed with the chicken cutlet sandwich with broccoli rabe and roasted red peppers! 
* meeting Jess at Mom & Dad's to drop off one of our cars. We said hi to dad for a few minutes before we left for NY.
* an overall painless drive to Jones Beach. We hit some traffic when we got close but it wasn't too bad considering what traffic can be like going to Long Island. 
* meeting lots of great new people before the show. Julie's friend Russ, his sister & her husband, Mitch and a bunch of his friends. The guy I bought our tickets from Josh was really nice as well. We had a fun time tailgating before it was time to go in. 
* randomly ending up a row in front of Julie & Russ. Mitch & Mike ended up sitting with us too. The show was awesome. I love how they're playing so many different songs this tour. Highlights for me were Warehouse opener, Recently (I've been waiting to hear it for so long), The Stone & Pig. 

Thursday, June 6, 2013

I have gratitude today for...
* Andy surprising me with breakfast this morning. He made waffles and bacon. He even went to WAWA to get milk for the waffles because we didn't have any. I love that guy. 
* talking with Gary this morning when I had some questions about the breakdown of PECO and PPL bills. I was confused because Kerry was telling me our rates are higher when I knew they weren't. He explained some things about how they break down their bills and now I understand it all much better. He also said some nice things to me about my growth and progress and his thoughts on my future with Park Power. Exciting stuff!
* Ed's response to my email from yesterday. 

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


I have gratitude today for...
* finally getting an A/C unit for the 3rd floor. Mason had one of his guys, Brian, install the plexiglass this morning and he delivered the A/C unit as well. I started asking Mason about this in January and was a little annoyed it took this long. All I know is we needed it by DMB weekend. Now we can actually use the 3rd floor when it's hot out.
* going for a 4.5 mile walk with C.J. this afternoon after work. It was warm but really nice out. I'm so happy we've started hanging out. It's fun to have a neighbor friend. 
* talking to Kerry tonight about possibly going to OBX with them in late August, them coming to Aruba, and asking her to become a Park Power customer. I really appreciated her being supportive. Sometimes I think some of my close friends think I'm crazy because I have my hands in so many things. I truly believe this is how I'm programmed and I'm determined to be in a position where I can live my life the way I want so I keep trying new things to make that happen. 
* watching the last two episodes of Nurse Jackie with Andy. There's only one episode left for this season. I'm disappointed it's only 10 episodes, we love this show!
* remembering last year's DMB show in Mansfield with Morgan. It was such a great show and last minute and cold and wonderful! I don't know what's gotten into me but I truly feel like I did 10 years ago about the band. They're playing incredible sets and I want to go see them more and more every time I see a setlist. 
* Andy getting some good news today he's been waiting to hear about. Nothing is final right now but things are heading in the right direction. 

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


I have gratitude today for...
* going to lunch with Jim after our sales meeting. We went to Plaza Azteca. He filled me in on a lot of things and it was great to talk with him and get his perspective on things. 
* Kelly being able to set up an account on Donors Choose---I posted the link and Judi shared it, I thought that was really nice. 
* confirming everything is definitely all set for Camden car service. Can't wait for that weekend!
* doing the elliptical tonight. I watched an episode of Ellen and got my ass moving. I'm having such a hard time getting back into working out! 
* finally talking to Kerry tonight. We talked for a long time---she told me about everything that happened last week. I wish there was something I could do to make it all easier on her and Jim. I was glad she was able to talk openly about it though, and that she trusted me to be the person to take it all in. 
* Lori P. becoming a Park Power customer. I only need 2 more now to promote to Executive Associate!
* attempting to make chicken parm with a new recipe tonight. I really was hoping it would come out the way it does in restaurants but no luck. I have no idea why this is the one dish I can't perfect. There is a secret out there about making chicken parm and I don't know what it is! I'm happy I had this experience because it made me realize this may be the one dish I leave alone and just get it when I go out to eat. 

Monday, June 3, 2013


I have gratitude today for...
* the rain dying down so I was able to walk along Dune Drive and stop into businesses with the magazine and my cards. I was introducing myself because we are publishing two Shore issues this year. 
* getting a lot of work done after I got home from the shore. 
* a great personal development meeting with Ed and the rest of the team. I stayed for Ross's presentation too. 
* talking with Kelly about some of the details for next weekend and about the wedding. I haven't talked to her in so long. Everything is so close now!

Sunday, June 2, 2013


I have gratitude today for...
* getting up early and spending the morning reading on the deck. I cut up an orange and strawberries and had breakfast outside. It was beautiful out this morning. 
* taking a bike ride to the library to check out some People magazines (my beach reading) and a few cds. I was able to check out the new Justin Timberlake CD, I've been wanting to listen to it. 
* taking the Tony Robbins assessment on-line today. The questions were challenging to answer but the results seem to be pretty accurate. I'm interested in hearing what Coach Ed has to say about them. 
* going to the beach for a little bit this afternoon. It was more windy than yesterday and a little chilly so we didn't stay long. 
* eating an early dinner; Andy made chicken marsala. It was nice to have someone cooking for me. I'm usually the one that cooks down here.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

I have gratitude today for...
* getting up early and reading on the deck this morning. 
* making a fresh batch of guacamole, bruschetta and salsa. 
* spending a few hours at the beach with Andy. It was absolutely gorgeous today on the beach. We played Scrabble. He won, I should have but he got a 7 letter word :-(
* getting everything organized for Kelly's shower. I'm so excited, I found a cab company that is only $65/van to take us back to Ashley's house afterwards. 
* talking with Mom about shower details. 
* trudging through a 5 mile bike ride in the crazy wind. The first 2.5 miles were horrible, but we did it!
* Andy's help with dinner tonight---we grilled steaks, make sliced spicy potatoes, green bean almondine and a salad. 
* relaxing watching playoff hockey and reading 7 Mile Times tonight. It's restaurant week this week, I'm thinking Andy & I should go somewhere Friday night.