Thursday, February 28, 2013

I have gratitude today for...
* a wonderful visit with Bern and Grant today. I went to her house for lunch (although we ended up talking the whole time and not even eating, haha). Gosh, I kind of forgot how much alike we are and how much I enjoy her company. It's been years, I think almost 5 years, since I last saw her. I don't even know how that is possible. I know it was before Andy's dad passed away, before she got married, before I got married, etc. Crazy! Anyway, we filled each other in on everything that's happened since then and talked about friendship and what our lives are like these days and jobs and a million other things. It was so great and we vowed to make sure too much time doesn't pass us by again. I also loved meeting her sweet baby Grant. He's gorgeous and so good. So glad they live close by and can't wait to hang out again.
* fitting in a workout on the elliptical before we left for Andy's birthday dinner. We tied for this month, I couldn't let him beat me again!
* a fantastic dinner at Fleming's with Andy and Mom Roth. Our waiter was very nice and the food was excellent. There is definitely something to be said for the steak in Texas---our steaks tonight were good but there was a difference. The bread, salad and dessert were all really good as well.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I have gratitude today for...
* turning my Tastefully Simple website and ProPay back on. I'm going to try putting some more time into it. I set up a fundraiser for the Phi Sig chapter at West Chester and I'm going to work on setting up some catalog parties.
* finally sending out a bunch of cards I've had in my planner for at least a couple of weeks.
* going to a spin class at Aim High tonight. I haven't been to one since 2004. It was hard as hell! I wanted to curse at the instructor the entire time and ran out of water which wasn't good. BUT, I felt like I accomplished a ton when it was over. I am going to try going 1-2 times a week, we'll see how it goes!
* dinner coming to so well tonight. I made chicken marsala---and I know I've made it a hundred times---but it came out great tonight! The sauce was perfect and so were the mashed potatoes. Yum!
* sending the Ben Howard files to a few friends. I wanted to share his music with some people who I thought would appreciate it. I feel like he's this little secret I have to share with others!
* watching Nashville and relaxing on the futon upstairs while Andy watched the Flyers game. I really like Nashville and couldn't wait until tomorrow to watch.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I have gratitude today for...
* a great training session with Mike. We did a bunch of new exercises I've never done before. It was challenging but I know working with him is going to make me stronger, teach me new things I can do on my own, and help me reach my fitness goals! I have to figure out if I should/how much/what to eat before my sessions. Last time I didn't eat anything and I felt too dizzy a few times, this time I ate a clementine, small granola bar and a splash of orange juice and I felt nauseous almost the whole time.
* getting through more piles of crap on my desk. I'm trying to feel more organized and eliminate clutter. I was able to get a lot done today for work and in the office.
* my massage at Cortiva. Initially I was disappointed because Adrienne (the awesome girl I had last time) was sick and didn't want to give massages to prevent spreading her germs (thankful for that though.) Then I was brought into the "clinic" room---which I didn't even know they have. It was noisy and you could hear other therapists/patients talking. I knew immediately I wouldn't be able to relax and asked if we could move into one of the private rooms. We were able to move and the massage ended up being pretty good. My favorite part was my feet, usually I do not like them touching my feet.
* picking up a few new tops and a new pair of jeans at Old Navy. I had a $15 off $50 from my birthday and used it to buy some comfy clothes and a fun St. Patrick's Day shirt.
* dinner with Jenn (Buccilli) at the new Plaza Azteca location in King of Prussia. We decided to meet for dinner after asked about buying Flyers tickets. It was fun to catch up and the food was awesome (as always.) We talked about trying to set up a big get together with all of our West Chester friends, we'll see if we can make it happen.
* watching Nashville and relaxing on the futon upstairs while Andy watched the Flyers game. I really like Nashville and couldn't wait until tomorrow to watch.

Monday, February 25, 2013

I have gratitude today for...
* meeting with John & Ed at Andy's diner. It was nice to see Ed and to learn more about what's happening at the magazine.
* a positive regional call today. Our numbers have been improving and Bob sounded happy with the results from my recent visits.
* spending some time trying to organize my office. There are piles of papers, magazines, note cards---you name it, all over the place. The whole room needs work but clearing off my desk was definitely the first step.
* talking with Misha this afternoon and learning about the progress of the US launch for Leadbox.
* catching up with Megan before I left for the Flyers game and filling her in on everything.
* reaching out to some people about scheduling Tastefully Simple parties. I'm thinking about trying to make something of my TS business (again).
* talking with Mom on the way to the game---she was excited because she got her dress for Kelly's wedding, AND Kelly's dress arrived too!
* ordering hoagies from Trio's for dinner; they had sarcones left so they were extra good!
* a fun time at the Flyers game even though they lost. We met up with Steve & Kate once we realized they were there too (from seeing a photo on Facebook.)

Thursday, February 21, 2013

I have gratitude today for...
* US Airways cancelling my flight for tomorrow at 6am well in advance. I called and had no problem getting another flight. I'm concerned because it's scheduled for 7am and it's supposed to snow well past early morning---we'll see what happens!
* lunch at P.F. Changs. I was in the mood for veggie spring rolls and I've never been there so I gave it a try. It was pretty good and the service was great too.
* having time to follow up on all of my recent visits when I got back to the hotel this afternoon.
* winning tickets to Helium Comedy Club for tomorrow night's show. There was a trivia question on Facebook, I answered, and received an email with the tickets! The show is Robert Kelly, from the show Louie. 
* catching up with Ian this afternoon. It's been weeks since we last talked.
* watching some more Downton Abbey while I did the elliptical. I also listened to Ben Howard while I did abs and stretching. I think I'm in love, I can't stop listening to him!!
* deciding to order a pizza for dinner instead of going out in the snow. There are a bunch of restaurants across the highway but it's so cold out and I decided it wasn't worth the hassle or risk driving on snowy/icy roads.
* giving the guys at the front desk half of my pizza and almost all of the breadsticks. It was cheaper to order the combo meal than just a small pizza. I knew there was no way I'd come close to eating it all and didn't want it to go to waste. They were thrilled and very appreciative.
* catching some American Idol tonight---I don't know about this season, no one has wowed me yet.

Where I am Right Now...(2/21)

I sent out the email below to some of my girlfriends last week. I was trying to alleviate some of the guilt I have been feeling by not being in touch. I think I was also trying to teach myself everyone is the same boat. It wasn't that I thought people wouldn't understand, but I still wanted them to know where I've been and what the last few months have been like for me.
I'm posting it here too---so I can remind myself of how I was feeling during this time, and that it's ok to not be everything to everyone when you simply can't be, whatever the reason.
I hate sending out mass emails, I really do. But, I've been wanting to
send a message like this for quite some time and this was the easiest
way to tell each of you the same thing at the same time.

Some of you know back in August I was presented with a difficult work
situation---they were basically telling me I was going to lose my job
or I had to commit to moving to Chicago this spring. Andy & I
discussed the options and decided we would agree to relocating within
6-9 months. In the meantime, I took over our Mid-America territory
(covering IL, WI, MN, NE, IA, CO, TX, ND, SD, OK, MO & KS---yes,

Since then, I have been traveling non-stop. Thank God we were able to
fit in a great Aruba vacation in November and a trip to FL in January.
Without those trips I think I'd officially be going crazy. Aside from
being home for a few weeks in December around the holidays, I've only
spent a few days here and there at home. I try to laugh and say I have
a beautiful storage unit---because that's more or less what my house
feels like these days.

Currently I'm at a crossroads. In the beginning I thought moving to
Chicago sounded like a fun adventure. As time goes by and the 'must
move by date' approaches we have been reconsidering. At this time in
our lives it doesn't feel right. We are obviously both very close to
our families, and of course our friends that live in the area as well.
We talk about having children and I can't imagine going through my
first pregnancy living so far from my mom, sister and closest friends.
There have also been changes at my company that have caused me to have
some concern about moving as well. So, we have all of that to figure

The reason I'm writing is because I've been carrying around a lot of
guilt. You guys are the friends that know me best, so you probably
aren't surprised. I try to be everything I can for everyone that needs
me. I genuinely miss my friends when months go by and I don't get to
see them. I've been feeling bad about not sending Christmas cards or
sending birthday cards late. I know I've texted some of you at
midnight, 30 seconds before your birthday was over, to prove I didn't
forget. Some of you didn't even get that from me this year.
I don't call as much and read emails while in airports,
hotels, in traffic, or multi-tasking and then forget I even read the
email and never reply. I feel like I'm all over the place, all of the
time. I'm home so rarely that when I am home I want to spend time with
Andy, for whom I know all of this has not been easy (but he's been
great and knows it will all work out in the end). I'm trying to make
sure I see my Mom & Dad when I can and I'm also the Maid of Honor in
my sister Kelly's wedding. I don't know if I could be stretched any

I know we're all busy, it's hard to make time for everyone. Some of us
have kids, some have crazy jobs, etc. I've always been able to handle
it all, while (usually) still smiling. I love planning get togethers
and cooking for friends. I miss doing those things. These days I spend
my time at home doing 11 days worth of laundry and then packing a
suitcase, then repeating the process all over again.

I don't want this to come across as me complaining---really, I just
wanted to let you all know I think of you way more often than you hear
from me. I miss seeing you and catching up. I have a great life, and
realize I made the choice to try and make this work. I didn't know
traveling this much would take such a toll on me. And the guilt just
adds to the pressure I constantly already feel.

I'm trying to figure things out, and hope there is a way to find a
better balance. My goal is to keep my position at GlobalOptions if
they would let me continue working based in Philly. We'll see what

I am grateful for Facebook because it helps me feel connected to those
of you that have an account. Facebook is something I can look at for 2
minutes and learn a little bit about what's happening with you. Email
is second best, I can return emails at 1am---I don't think most of you
would appreciate me calling at 1am. :-) Changing time zones a couple
times a week makes it even more fun!
If you're interesting in keeping up with my travels you can check out my blog,
I'm behind on that too but should be caught up by this weekend. Let me know what's happening with you too!

When things slow down next month I am hoping to have a "I never get to
see my friends" party--maybe for St. Patty's Day or something? In the
meantime, know I'm thinking about you.


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I have gratitude today for...
* an easy drive from Omaha to Sioux City. It was nice to have Lauren with me for company. We had a great lunch with Great West Casualty at Iron Hill. (Not the same Iron Hill we know from home.)
* listening to Mumford & Sons, Ben Howard and Phil Phil throughout my almost 4 hour drive to Des Moines. It was pretty boring but I did get to see lots of cows and barrels of hay. I'd imagine the farmland is beautiful when it's green.
* talking with Kelly this afternoon. She called to talk about a few things and it made me feel good she called me to talk things out with. We also talked about some more wedding stuff and her bachelorette party. I can't believe it's less than 6 months away. My baby sister is going to be a Mrs.!
* a good workout at the fitness center. I did the interval program on the treadmill for about 40 minutes, then some weights, lunges and a few minutes of yoga.
* grabbing a few things at the mall and Target in case I get stuck here because of the snowstorm. I'm out of clothes! (The one time I don't over pack, oh well...)
* the nice server at The Cheesecake Factory. It wasn't my first choice but it was at the mall. I only had an order of bruschetta and a soda. She was very friendly and attentive---I always appreciate servers that treat me well even when I'm dining alone. I left her a 40% tip because of it.
* getting everything for tomorrow's meeting at Target tonight so I don't have to run around in the morning.
* spending some time looking at different musician's websites and thinking of shows I want to see this summer.
* seeing Dido on Jimmy Kimmel and learning she has a new album coming out in March. I love her and hope she tours.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I have gratitude today for...
* a nice breakfast in the dining room at the hotel. The server and manager were very friendly and outgoing. I had fresh fruit, hash browns and a couple of pieces of bacon. They were laughing because I got the breakfast special and replaced eggs with fruit.
* meeting John at FirstComp. He was fun to talk to and he made me laugh. We had a great visit and hopefully will start to see more work from this office.
* chips and guacamole at Chipotle with Lauren. Yum!
* the cute new sunglasses I bought at Marshall's since I forgot to bring a pair. Nine West shades for $10, not too bad. (I now have about 10 pairs, at least.)
* going to the fitness center when I felt tired and didn't want to go. No excuses, I'm working this gut off!
* starting Downton Abbey while on the elliptical. I brought my iPad and watched while I exercised. I actually thought it started off pretty slow---I'm hoping it picks up because everyone raves about it.
* going to the Old Market downtown for dinner. I was hoping to walk around the shops and art galleries but it's so cold here, we spent about two minutes walking around and decided there was no way. We had dinner at Jackson Street Grille. There was a guy playing acoustic guitar which was relaxing and the food was great.
* getting to bed early---I felt tired all day.

Monday, February 18, 2013

I have gratitude today for...
* Andy being cool about me accidentally not closing the door all the way when I left the house this morning at 6am. He had off and woke up because the house was freezing. I must have slammed it shut it popped back open. I've been freaking out about the heating bills (almost $300/month!!) so I appreciated him being calm about my mistake.
* enjoying the new O issue on the plane. I just renewed my subscription after a long while of not getting it and I'm happy to have it back!
* arriving safely to Omaha this afternoon. I am also thankful for a safe flight---especially after watching 'Flight' this past weekend.
* having Lauren as a travel companion for part of this week. Although I like some alone time, whole weeks by myself get kind of lonely and boring. I picked her up from the airport, we went to the fitness center, and then had a nice Italian dinner at a restaurant close by the hotel.
* watching Revenge from last night---it's always so good!
* DMB Summer Tour dates coming out!! Woohoo. After the rumors of Dave & Friends doing another album I was wondering if they would tour. I get so excited about all of the friends we see when the band is touring and of course, the music too!
* Kelly making some wedding decisions and sending pictures of ideas for her gift table, center pieces and guest book!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

I have gratitude today for...
* getting everything packed and ready to go early in the day for tomorrow morning's flight so I didn't have to deal with it after the concert tonight.
* watching the beginning of the Beyonce documentary on HBO while I worked out on the elliptical.
* spending some time adding to my workout playlist and adding the new CDs I got last week to my iPod.
* talking with Aunt Kathy and Grandma this afternoon. I owed them both return phone calls from my birthday.
* going over to Jeff & Megan's early to see the kids. I never get to see them anymore. :-(
* a fun time at The Victor with Andy, Jeff & Megan before the show. We had a few drinks and dinner at a bar table. We were also able to keep our car in their parking lot instead of paying $25 to park in the garage.
* the email I received from Katie today---looking forward to catching up with her soon, and to meeting the baby!
* Christian telling my about Ben Howard last week, and giving me his CD. We probably wouldn't have gone in to see him otherwise, and he was fantastic! It's been a while since I found new music I really like and I can't wait to see him again.
* Mumford & Sons---WOW! I can't even put into words how fantastic the show was. I've been SO EXCITED for this concert. I've probably listened to Babel more than anything else over the last several months and I'm in love with so many of their songs. Their lyrics are so spiritual and beautiful. Their energy was incredible and I loved all of the musicians playing so many instruments. They closed the show with both opening acts joining them on stage and they all played Bruce's "Atlantic City". I thought that was pretty cool! I haven't been this excited about a band in forever. I'm already dying to see them again!